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Barzan Tower

January 03, 2013    
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Umm Salal

Fortresses and old castles are the main evidence of the traditional architecture in Qatar. They embody the arts and the richness of the ancient architecture that was the main feature of life in this part of the world.

Some cities in Qatar still preserve that architecture and this is seen in the narrow streets and avenues. The main concern of that era was security and this is why we can see several forts scattered in the country.

Barzan Tower

Originally built as watchtowers, Barzan Tower is the western tower of two that were erected around the Umm Salal Mohammed area.

This Tower was built during the late 19th century and it “T” shape is considered a unique architectural style in the Gulf region. It is a rectangle construction with three levels and an external staircase. It has now been completely restored.

The East Tower (Alborj Alshargi) is also now completely restored and has three levels – basement, middle and upper.

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